Bonsall Unified School District

*** The Presidents' Week Holiday is February 19-23 | Classes resume Monday, February 26 ***

Update from Superintendent Jones regarding student threat at BHS

Dear Bonsall Unified parents, students, and staff,

It is appropriate at this time to commend the students and staff at Bonsall High School for their response to the student threat incident impacting the high school and middle school campuses this week. I wish to take this opportunity to clarify some information:

Upon receiving the report of threat from our students, school officials immediately contacted law enforcement who responded promptly and began their investigation. It was determined by law enforcement that there was no immediate or impending threat; therefore, classes continued while law enforcement conducted their investigation.

In situations such as this, the school district works in tandem with local law enforcement agencies to communicate relevant and appropriate information to parents, students, and staff. It is crucial that the school district not compromise the investigation by releasing confidential details and facts. However, to the best of our ability, we will communicate and inform you of what we can as it relates to student safety. We take the lead from law enforcement to determine what can and cannot be shared. In this instance, we communicated what we could as the investigation unfolded.

Understandably, there are questions about what is going to happen to the students involved in the threats. The response is two-fold. Law enforcement will follow through with that they need to do within their jurisdiction and in line with the law. The Bonsall Unified School District will take all necessary actions in line with board policy and the California Education Code to the full extent as it relates to the outcome of the investigation. Please understand the specifics of these actions cannot be shared due to student privacy laws.

Again, we are grateful that the report was made by vigilant students, and our immediate actions with law enforcement ensured that no harmful actions took place.

David Jones