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Health and Safety

BUSD Health and Safety

In the Bonsall Union School District, each school site has a unique emergency plan as part of the District’s Comprehensive Emergency and Safety Plan. Administrators, teachers, and staff are pre-designated with specific duties to perform in a crisis. For security purposes, these plans are not posted online. Parents may make an appointment with the school's office to view the Comprehensive Safety School Plan in person. Both the Fallbrook Sheriff’s station and the local Fire Departments have copies of each school site’s emergency plan and the district Comprehensive Emergency and Safety Plan.
Each site’s plan contains a copy of the master schedule, updated maps, evacuation routes, staging locations, and other pertinent information required by law. Depending on the emergency, each principal must designate two off-site locations where students are directed if necessary. Students are supervised by a trained team of school staff and are not permitted to leave without school consent. Reunification is the process in which students are either dismissed to a parent/guardian or allowed to re-enter the school after the site is deemed safe.
Fire, earthquake, and lock-down drills are held several times a year to familiarize students and staff with what to do in an emergency. Local police or fire departments sometimes assist the schools with their drills so that they may also train on dealing with campus emergencies. All drills are taken very seriously; it is important that students fully participate and follow all instructions given to them by adult staff or public safety personnel.
Currently, specially appointed district staff members are being trained on the processes at each site and the support that they will provide to each site during an emergency. In the event of an emergency, the district's messaging system (Aeries Communications) and media will be used to advise parents and the community of the reunification site and steps to follow when picking up your children during or after an emergency at the school. Principals, assistant principals, and designated staff have undergone emergency incident training in emergency preparedness, crisis and critical incident management, staff training on safety plan implementation, threat assessment, evacuation, and reunification strategies. Although we do not anticipate emergencies occurring, we would like to make sure our students and staff are safe in case a situation arises.
In Summary:
  • The #1 priority for school staff is the safety of all students and staff.
  • During a school emergency, students are generally safest at their school sites.
  • Parents should carry their children’s school phone numbers with them at all times.
  • Parents should contact the school office immediately if contact numbers have been changed.
  • At all times, parents should carry their photo ID to the school site when picking up their children.
  • During a community-wide emergency, the Bonsall USD messaging system and the media will be used to publish a Hotline number activated for parents and students to use in answering their questions and giving the reunification areas for each site.
  • During a lockdown, no one is permitted to leave, and no one, including a parent, is allowed on campus.
  • Text messaging and cell phone use should be kept to a minimum so as to not affect emergency communication.
This school district complies with Health & Safety Code section 104420(p)(2).
Tobacco Use is Prohibited at all school properties and locations.