Bonsall Unified School District

*** The Presidents' Week Holiday is February 19-23 | Classes resume Monday, February 26 ***

New Year, New Mission, New Vision

Dear BUSD Staff and Families,
I recently enjoyed facilitating a comprehensive group of staff members from all five schools through a process to develop a new mission and vision for the Bonsall Unified School District.  After review from the board of trustees, they unanimously approved our new mission and vision at the January 15th board meeting.  Below, our new mission clearly communicates the primary purpose of the Bonsall Unified School District, while the Vision explains the road map or building blocks that must be developed in order to fulfill our fundamental purpose.  I look forward to working with the directors and principals to communicate our new mission and vision in person.  I look forward to working in an interdependent and collaborative manner to carry out these essential components in order to maximize the learning potential of all BUSD students.
Empower all students to achieve their maximum learning potential.
The Bonsall Unified School District Vision statement outlines what we must commit to and become as a preschool through high school community in order to fulfill the mission of BUSD.
The following BUSD Vision includes five essential components: Comprehensive PK-12 Curriculum, Rigorous Instruction and Assessment, Collaborative Professional Learning Community, Safe and Orderly Schools, and Engaged Family and Community Involvement, to ensure we “Empower all students to achieve their maximum learning potential.”
Comprehensive PK-12 Curriculum
We will develop and implement a guaranteed and viable curriculum within our core subject areas across the district.  We will hold high expectations and actively engage students in learning grade-level essential standards. We will provide teachers with core and supplemental curriculum in order to ensure there are options for collaborative teams to deliver rigorous and meaningful targeted lessons.  We will develop learning environments, lessons, and activities to improve student learning and to prepare students for college, career, and adult life skills.
Rigorous Instruction and Assessment
We will be relentless in our pursuit of removing the barriers to learning for all students by providing high-quality instruction that addresses varying academic needs. All students will have the opportunity to access, participate in, and progress in an innovative, technology-rich, and broadly accessible learning environment. We will recognize the unique needs and challenges of individual students and provide social/emotional intervention and support when there is a need.  Students will learn in an empowering environment that is inclusive and supportive of our different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds and perspectives. We will develop and teach high academic and behavioral expectations, and we will respond with corrective action and support when there is a need.
We will provide evidence to demonstrate the degree to which students have mastered grade-level essential skills. Student learning outcomes will be assessed and monitored through data-driven, collaborative, and decision-making protocols that will inform our instruction and drive intervention and enrichment opportunities. Our commitment to the work of continuous improvement in instruction and assessment will be grounded in timely, accurate, and evidence-based formative and summative assessment data that will inform our ongoing effort to improve student achievement outcomes.

Collaborative Professional Learning Community
We will develop a collaborative culture in each school, collective responsibility for all students, and a dedicated focus on improving student learning. We will take action based on assessment data to improve our teaching strategies and ensure high levels of learning. We will implement a school-wide system of interventions to provide students with additional time and support when they don’t learn essential grade-level standards. We will focus on the following four critical questions to guide collaborative teams and ensure continuous improvement to maximize each student’s learning potential:
1. What do we expect all students to know and be able to do?
2. How will we know when students have learned it?
3. How will we respond when students don’t learn?
4. How will we respond when students already know it?

Safe and Orderly Schools
We will provide safe and comprehensive PK-12 school facilities where the needs of all students and staff are addressed. To ensure our schools remain safe, we will develop and implement sound policies, rules, and procedures.  We will engage in activities that promote and reinforce effective practices that ensure student safety.  These activities will include clear behavioral expectations for students and staff, the development and implementation of comprehensive school safety plans, and various measures that promote safe and secure facilities.  Training will be provided for all staff regularly so they will be able to follow through with fidelity of safety protocols in any emergency situation. 

Engaged Family and Community Involvement
We will harness and strengthen family and community partnerships of our schools in order to engage all students in the acquisition of knowledge and skills for success in college, career, and adult life.  We believe that parents, guardians, and the community are our partners in educating our children. We will strengthen our English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC), District English Language Advisory Committee (DELAC), and School Site Councils (SSC) to include our broader community in the decisions that affect children and families. We encourage participation in and contributions to Parent Teacher Associations (PTA), Parent Information Network Group (PiNG), and the Bonsall Education Foundation (BEF). Parents and guardians are welcome in our schools, and their support, time, and donations are encouraged. We will promote regular, two-way, meaningful communication and collaboration between home and school to support the growth and achievement of our students.

David Jones