Bonsall Unified School District

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Bond Measure DD - Frequently Asked Questions





What is Measure DD?

Measure DD is a $58 million general obligation (G.O.) bond that will be on the November 8 Presidential Election ballot. If approved, the measure will improve, construct, and rehabilitate schools and classrooms throughout the District to meet the challenges of today’s rapidly changing world. 


What is a G.O. Bond?

G.O. bonds are commonly used by school districts statewide to fund projects such as the renovation of existing classrooms and the construction of new classrooms and facilities. Similar to a home loan, G.O. bonds are typically repaid over a period of time. Funds to repay the bonds come from a tax on all taxable property – residential, commercial and industrial – located in the District.


What will be funded by Measure DD?

The measure authorizes improvements and modernizations at Bonsall Unified School District facilities, including:

  •      Building Bonsall High School
  •      Improving safety and security for our children
  •      Updating emergency communication systems and fire alarms
  •      Improving school parking and traffic
  •      Developing fitness facilities for joint use by schools and our community
  •      Replacing leaky roofs and repairing leaky plumbing
  •      Upgrading schools and classrooms to meet disabled access requirements
  •      Repairing aging restrooms


Why is Measure DD needed?

State funding has fallen short of our children’s educational needs. This measure solves that problem by providing a source of locally controlled, affordable funds that cannot be taken by the State and spent elsewhere. Measure DD will also make the District eligible for State matching funds.


How much will Measure DD cost?

The measure’s average tax rate is estimated to be $56.93 per $100,000 of assessed valuation per year ($4.74 per month). Assessed valuation should not be confused with market value. Assessed valuations are the value placed on the property by the County at the time a property is sold or undergoes a major renovation. It is therefore typically lower than market value.


What protections are in place to ensure measure funds are used responsibly?

An independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee must review and audit all bond expenditures. By law, bond funds cannot be used to pay administrator salaries, pensions or benefits. Legal safeguards prohibit the State from taking these funds and spending them elsewhere.


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