Bonsall Unified School District

Superintendent's Newsletter

October 9, 2020


Dear BUSD Community,


I am pleased to share that we have completed negotiations with the Bonsall teacher’s union and are finalizing a tentative agreement (both parties anticipate ratification and approval of the agreement) for students returning for in person instruction beginning Monday, October 19th.  As you are aware, I found it necessary to provide as much information as I am able to regarding the negotiations facts and have provided our community with those facts on a regular basis.  Please refer to this Negotiation Facts link to view an update on the BUSD and teacher’s union negotiations session that took place on Thursday, October 8.


The following is important information in preparation for October 19th.


Student Schedules and COVID Safety Protocols: Each school site principal and support staff has already or will communicate with families by Monday, October 12 regarding your child’s schedule details and which cohort, A or B, your child will participate in when they return to school.  Principals will also communicate with families of students continuing in full time distance learning. In addition to written communication, principals are conducting parent Zoom meetings and/or pre-recorded videos, in an effort to communicate required safety protocols and related procedures and routines. 


Related to reopening BUSD schools, I would like to provide the following reminders to our community:


  • The Superintendent facilitated a Reopening School’s Task Force made up of staff, board members, administration, and parents to develop all required county and department of health requirements for reopening. You can view the full BUSD Reopening Plan website here and also access the site via the home page.  The Reopening Plan was approved by the board of trustees on August 12, 2020.


  • Each BUSD school developed and completed a reopening plan, which includes site specific information related to COVID-19 safety protocols, and related schoolwide procedures and routines. All site plans are located on the BUSD School Reopening Plan website.


  • As a result of our agreement with the Bonsall teacher’s union, please note the following change to students wearing face coverings. All students in grades TK-12 must properly wear a face covering at all times on a school campus indoors and outdoors.  The change is that TK-2 students are now required to wear a face covering rather than encouraged.


Transportation:  A letter was sent to all families of students riding a bus, which included route information and required safety protocols.  For questions related to transportation, please call 760-689-5692 or email our Director of Business Services at


Student Meals: If you would like your child to receive a meal, simply have your child request a meal pack from the teacher who will assist in submitting the orders to the cafeteria staff.  Meal packs are also available for students enrolled in full-time distance learning.  You may contact the school to arrange for the days and times to pick up your child’s meals. 


For questions regarding meals, please contact your school cafeteria:

BES/VBCS 760-631-5214

SMS/BHS 760-945-0780

BW 760-631-8001 ext. 1211

Child Nutrition Office 760-305-5665


Please know that in order for staff and teachers to prepare for the transition to in-person learning, planning time is necessary on October 15th and 16th.  These days will be asynchronous instruction only, and the details of your child’s assignments and responsibilities for those days will be communicated by the classroom teachers.


If there are any topics or questions you have, please reach out to your child’s teacher, the school office staff, or site principal.  We are very excited to begin transitioning our students back to in-person teaching and learning and I look forward to seeing our students and staff on October 19th.





David Jones