Bonsall Unified School District

IMPORTANT:  Until further notice, all communications to our BUSD families will be coming directly from the district offices, not the school sites.  If you have previously disabled district notifications, please update your preferences to include ALL District messaging (email, text, phone).  Thank you.

Contact Business Services

Laura Castro
Executive Director Business and Administrative Services 
(760) 631-5200 ext. 1008
Lisa Lee
Accounting Director
(760) 631-5200 ext. 1003
Shirley Hilliard  
Payroll/Benefits Technician  
CALPADS Administrator 
(760) 631-5200 ext.1004  
Alexis Kohler  
Purchasing & Risk Management Director
(760) 631-5200 ext. 1007  
Jamie Leeman
Purchasing Technician 
(760) 631-5200 ext. 1006
Elise Marks
Accounting Technician
(760) 631-5200 ext. 1005