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Home Hospital Instruction

Home Hospital Instruction


(Education Code 48206.3) (AR 6183)

The Bonsall Unified School District provides Home and Hospital Instruction to students who are unable to attend the regular school day due to a TEMPORARY illness, surgery, or chronic medical disorders.
  • Home/Hospital Program serves all students enrolled within the Bonsall Unified School District.
  • Applications take up to five (5) school days to process and complete. Home and/or Hospital Instruction is, by definition, a temporary program and is not provided for extended periods of time or in lieu of school attendance.
  • The program does not operate over the summer.


  • Home and/or Hospital Instruction is initiated at the student's school site.
  • A credentialed teacher is assigned to the student and the regular classroom teachers provide work.
  • The Home/Hospital teacher will arrange for appointments at the home and class work is reviewed and discussed.
  • Per Bonsall Board Policy (AR 6183), Bonsall Unified School District shall offer at least one hour of instruction for every day of instruction offered by the district in the regular education program.
  • Per state limits, we cannot exceed three hours per day, and five hours per week of instruction.
  • The student is not allowed to attend classes or extra curricular activities sponsored by the school district while enrolled in the Home/Hospital program.
  • PLEASE NOTE THIS STATE MANDATE: If a student is in a hospital located in a different school district from the one in which the student’s home is located, there must be an inter-district transfer agreement to the district where the hospital resides, if the hospital’s school district is to provide the instruction.
  • Please note that most teacher appointments will be after school hours because our teachers must be either a BUSD teacher or substitute.

Students with an IEP

  • A Change of placement meeting must be held and the team must agree that home and hospital instruction is the best instructional setting for the student. A copy of the IEP with meeting notes must accompany the application.

Extension of Home Hospital Instruction

  • Home Hospital instruction is valid only for 6 weeks. A new Physician’s Statement requesting home hospital instruction must be submitted every 6 weeks.
  • A new application is required each school year if services will extend into the following school year. If your student is out for an extended period of time, an alternative education placement needs to be considered. Please contact the Student Services Department at (760) 631-5200 x1000.

Re-admittance To School

  • A PHYSICIAN’S RELEASE FROM HOME AND HOSPITAL INSTRUCTION must be signed by your physician and returned to the school site.