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Emergency Preparedness

At Bonsall Unified School District, safety is our top priority.  There is no guarantee that an emergency will never occur. Therefore, we are vigilant in our preparedness, updated training, and conduct regular drills to ensure the safety of students and staff.  Every Bonsall Unified School District employee is trained to ensure student safety.


Emergency and disaster preparedness activities include:

  • All schools maintain Comprehensive School Safety Plans, updated annually.
  • School site personnel are trained in the implementation of the School’s Crisis Plan, Active Shooter Event Response, Evacuation, Reunification, and Shelter-In-Place situations.
  • The District supports safe schools through collaborative meetings, with Law Enforcement and Fire representatives, District Administration, and School Site Administrators.
  • Every school exceeds legal requirements for preparedness drills through the inclusion of mass evacuation and reunification, Active Shooter Event Response training focused on mental model response training, in addition to our required fire and duck/cover drills.
  • Emergency preparedness drills are conducted regularly and take place at various times throughout the school day, including recess, to prepare students and staff better.
  • Law and Fire Department officials review our Comprehensive School Safety Plans annually.

Also, to provide a safe and secure school environment, we strictly enforce the following:

  • All campuses are a closed campus with a single point of entry.  All visitors must sign in at the school’s front office and obtain a visitor/volunteer badge.  
  • Morning drop-off will be enforced at the front gate.
  • “We-Tip” - is available for anyone to report a crime (suspected or known) anonymously
  • Parents, students, and staff are always encouraged to communicate with site administration in the event they have information which may improve the safety of students

All Emergency Response Communication to families will be conducted via emails, text messages, Facebook social media, and the District Website. Please make sure to update your contact information with the front office.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Student Services Department.
Dr. Douglas Staine
Student Services