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Useful Information Q & A


Violation of the posted rules and regulations may result in the loss of bus-riding privileges. A student riding the bus in the Bonsall Unified School District is disciplined in accordance with the statutes of the State of California, and will be subject to disciplinary actions for violation of any of the rules of student discipline in the Bonsall Unified School District, as outlined in Board and Administrative Regulations. Disciplinarians shall normally apply progressive procedures with: 

The first offense:  Written warning;

The second offense: Off bus 1 day school day

The third offense: Bus riding privileges shall be suspended for three school days;

The fourth offense: Bus riding privileges shall be suspended for five school days;

The fifth offense: Bus riding privileges shall be suspended for ten school days;

The sixth offense: Bus riding privileges shall be suspended for the remainder of the school year.

However, disciplinarians shall have the latitude to increase or decrease the normal corrective measure, within reason, considering the student’s age, frequency and severity of offense, and other patterns of behavior. In cases where the disciplinarian determines that the student’s behavior causes a danger to persons or property, the student may be immediately suspended from ridership.

Q & A’s regarding School Bus Transportation

Q. Who may ride a school bus?
A. Only students who have registered for a bus pass may ride.

Q. What if I cannot afford to pay for transportation?
A. Apply for a free or reduced bus pass. Directions to apply are on the bus pass application page. 

Q. What if the bus is late arriving at the designated bus stop?
A. Buses may run late due to various reasons. Transportation does not have the manpower to phone parents every time the bus is late.

Q. What if I have a concern about a bus stop or route?
A. Please contact the Transportation Department Supervisor @ 760-631-5200 Ext 1022

Q. Will my bus stop location or time change?
A. If it were necessary all riders would be given a notice from the driver. For the most up to date route information go to the District website or call 760-631-5200 Ext 1022

Q. When I’m at the bus stop with my child may I walk them across the street without the bus driver’s assistance?
A. NO! California Law dictates that all students grades K-8 MUST be escorted by their bus driver if they need to cross the street, even in the presence of the rider’s parent. (Vehicle Code 22112). BUSD practice is to escort all students K-12 who must cross the street.

Q. If I drive my child to the bus stop may I drop them off across from the bus and let them cross the street to board the bus?
A. NO! You must drop off your children on the same side of the street in order to negate the need for the driver to escort them.

Q. What about the rules & Regulations for riding the bus?
A. All students riding a school bus are required to abide by all safety rules set forth by the District and the state of California. Transportation is a privilege not a right!

Q. How are routes designed?
A. Routes are designed based on safety, efficiency and conservation of time.

Q. Are seat belts required on school buses?
A. If a bus is equipped with seat belts they must be worn Pursuant to Title IV, California Code of Regulations, section 14105. All of the buses belonging to BUSD are equipped with seat belts, so students must wear them properly. 

Q. What happens if the bus breaks down or is involved in an accident?

A. If the bus cannot continue on route, a backup bus will be dispatched to pick up or drop off your student. In both cases, it may take some time to resolve these issues.


Q. What if no one is home to receive my student when the bus arrives? Will the bus wait?
A. All drop off times are an approximation and therefore it is the responsibility of parent/guardian to be available from the time school is dismissed to receive the student. If a parent/guardian is not present to receive the student in the PM, the student is returned to the appropriate school or the Transportation Department. The parent/guardian is expected to respond immediately and pick up within 15 minutes. Once the bus pulls away from stop it will not be able to return to your home during the route for pick up or drop off of your student due to time constraints. We will return the student twice in a school year and are obligated to report the issue to your child’s Special Education Program Specialist. In the event of an emergency we will release to an alternative person if a parent/guardian contacts our Dispatch prior to drop off time.