Bonsall Unified School District

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We encourage parents, guardians, and other members of the community to share their time, knowledge, and abilities with students. Volunteer assistance in schools enriches the educational program, enhances the supervision of students, and contributes to school safety while strengthening the schools' relationships with the community. Additionally, community members are encouraged to serve as mentors providing support and motivation to students.


Board Policy 1240- Volunteer Assistance and the accompanying Administrative Regulation provide the Board's expectations for volunteers in VUSD. This Volunteer Handbook defines the procedures to protect the safety of students and adults as well as conform with laws related to tuberculosis testing and criminal record checks as required by law. Board Policy 1250 Visitors/ Outsiders and the accompanying Administrative Regulation also provides information regarding these types of interactions on school campuses.

The forms needed in order to be a volunteer are in the volunteer handbook.  Please complete the necessary forms and turn them into your student’s school site office manager for processing. These forms are to be utilized by site staff to process volunteers, guests, and visitors.


If you are interested in serving as a volunteer for BUSD and/or any of our schools, please contact Gina McInerny, Executive Assistant to the Superintendant by e-mail by phone: 760-631-5200 x1001.